Michael Bigger Book Review

When we are filled with the energy of Flow we are able to focus our attention which leads to action. The energy of Flow is neutral and like any other energy it can be used for our benefit or to our detriment. Flow can be had in several aspects of our lives including work, play, and even our social life.

In its simplest form, Flow is about overcoming obstacles while achieving well-defined goals. Trading is a great example of an arena in which there are many obstacles to overcome, such as oneself, steep learning curves, and other like hindrances.  Finding flow takes practice as well as patience to achieve.

Michael Bigger has written a great book on the topic of Flow and I’ve had the chance to read it. Michael touches on some key points that are all around us and freely available to everyone that can make the journey to finding Flow much easier.

In “How traders achieve creative flow,” Michael outlines 6 steps that can get you there. Anyone! It’s an easy read and packed full of actionable information. As Michael writes, “Believe today is Day 1, your Day 1.” Here’s the link to his post, I highly recommend you give his book a read.