My name is Darren Miller and I developed Psychtrader over a decade ago to help people find their place in the financial markets. I created the Market Awareness Profile (MAP) after seeing hundreds of people plop down thousands of dollars to learn how to trade and fail. The need for the MAP became apparent as these budding traders came to the stark realization that they were trading the wrong market, using the wrong time frame, unable to control their emotions, etc. You can read more about the MAP here.

I studied psychology and counseling at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas where I earned my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. I furthered my studies by attending Kent State University in Kent, Ohio where I received my Ph.D. While in graduate school I found myself focused on the psychology of use. In other words, I would help others by focusing on what they were doing with what they had. As an example, ask yourself these questions:

Through the results of your MAP I am able to better understand you and your key personality traits that are impacting your trading. Included with the cost of your MAP is a 30-minute phone call with me so I can explain your results and offer some guidance. The markets are not as easy to make a living in as some would have you believe; I’ve seen this first-hand. If I can answer any questions you have please feel free to contact me.