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Market Treadmill

The bulls put in a hard day’s work and not much to show for it on the candles. That doesn’t mean we are headed lower, just means that we had minimal gains today as the markets chew on the ramifications of the Fed’s cut. We also have options expiration on Friday and that alone tends

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Fed Pulls Trigger

The deal is done! The Fed fired a bullet that rifled far and wide across the global financial markets when they lowered the Fed Funds rate to a range. What? Yes, a range of somewhere between 0 and .25 which not only makes it the lowest rate ever, but the first time the Fed ever

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Fed between a rock and a hard place

The equities market wants an interest rate cut by the Fed and they want it yesterday. It was apparent that, much like a screaming toddler, the equities market was disappointed today because they didn’t get their way. The Fed, up to this point, has used about all their “tactics” to keep the market happy and

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