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A Twist On Breadth

There are many indicators that we as market participants can use. So many in fact that some become overwhelmed in their search for the “holy grail” of indicators. What matters most when choosing an indicator is whether or not it improves your trading. Here’s a quick tip. Put an indicator on a price chart of

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How Strong Was Today?

Take a look at the SPX chart below that shows a daily close .42% outside the +2 standard deviation for volatility. Going back 5 years there were five other occasions where SPX closed, on a daily basis, outside the +2 standard deviation. Those dates were 3/23/09, 10/13/08, 9/19/08, 4/1/08 and 3/21/07. Look them up. As

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One Way I Use The Relative Strength Index (RSI)

I was asked more than once on twitter this week how I use the RSI information that I tweet on occasion so I thought I’d write a quick post to answer the question. I trade the $SPX and so I keep a running tally on the components and what they are doing. Seems daunting at

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