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Small Gains, Light Volume

Small gains were made today across the board as volume was extremely light, even for half a day. Friday isn’t expected to be a “normal” trading day either so perhaps the best thing would be to take a breather and start back up on Monday. Weekly jobless claims came in a bit hotter than expected

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Bulls Having Trouble

$GE is being largely blamed for the downside movement today in the equities market as it was hit with a negative ratings outlook. The stock itself lost about 8% with greater than average volume today. The major indices all closed lower with the Dow losing nearly 2.5% followed by the S&P 500 with a 2%

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First Week Of December Coming To A Close

By noon today the markets knew where they were headed and it was lower, by over 2.5%. The breadth indicated that the selling was outpacing the buying. Selling pressure continued into the afternoon and a spike was seen when the morning lows were broken in the S&P. However, there wasn’t a surge in selling when

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