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My History With Apple

There’s no question that Apple is a great company that continues to build products that consumers want. Some may even argue that it’s not a want, but a need. I felt a little old recently after a recent discussion with my oldest son (as you’ll see from the milestones below) and thought I’d share. It’s

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Test, Test, 1,2,3…

In comparing today’s market activity with yesterday’s you can definitely tell the difference when the market is acting in unison. For those of you that trade intraday you can definitely see the momentum if you look at the breadth and the trin. I’ve put charts up for both and you can see that there wasn’t

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Market Update

The 13 EMA on the broader index ($SPY) is still a road block for the bull’s journey higher. September 19 was the last time the SPYders were above the 13 EMA. The ETF was also trading at $124 a share compared to $96 a share today. Not knowing if there is a bottom in place

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