My History With Apple

There’s no question that Apple is a great company that continues to build products that consumers want. Some may even argue that it’s not a want, but a need. I felt a little old recently after a recent discussion with my oldest son (as you’ll see from the milestones below) and thought I’d share. It’s nothing fancy, in fact I will no doubt get the most out of this post as it was a blast trying to remember the specifics.

  1. My dad took me to a department store in Billings, MT that sold the Apple IIE. I believe he spent around $1500 for it.
  2. Apple aired the “1984” commercial during the XVIII Super Bowl. I remember thinking to myself that the commercial was influenced by Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. The LA Raiders spanked the Washington Redskins in what became known as”Black Sunday”.
  3. My future wife got a “Mac Classic II” for Christmas. I knew one day that It would be mine as well. I believe her Dad spent about $2500 when including software.
  4. Bought my first PDA, the “Newton”. What a piece of crap!
  5. My wife, fresh out of grad school, took a job with Pizza Hut in the marketing department. She was given a “Power Mac” as Apple was THE choice of Pepsico.
  6. I bought a lime green “iMac” that still sits in our storage room today…unused.
  7. Tried to switch to using Apple after a long, bug-filled history with the PC. Bought a 12 inch “iBook” with a 1.0-GHz G4, 768 MB RAM 30GIG/ DVD/CD-RW. Sold it a month later as couldn’t get by without a right click and no trading/charting software.
  8. My son is conducting market research for me over the summer in exchange for a “MacBook Pro”

Crazy, the growth of the Apple brand. I don’t remember standing in long lines for the IIE or the Newton. From my perspective it seems as though Apple has become more THE choice rather than the “other” choice. Hopefully I’ll be around when my son takes his son to the Apple store to buy his first Apple computer. Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have about the Apple brand. Thanks for reading.