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Cut One, Cut Two, Cut! Cut!

Today we saw the major indices trade in a narrow range up to the FOMC announcement. It was only in the last 30 minutes of trading that saw the selling kick in and bring the indices to their lows for the day. There was a hint of buying in the last 15 minutes which helped

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Eureka! We have support?

Well, remember that screaming toddler (the equities market)? Instead of giving them the bag of candy (full point cut) they were given a handful (1/2 point). The problem is, that they ate that handful and it didn’t last and now they want more. It is highly doubtful that another cut would come before the Fed

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Fed between a rock and a hard place

The equities market wants an interest rate cut by the Fed and they want it yesterday. It was apparent that, much like a screaming toddler, the equities market was disappointed today because they didn’t get their way. The Fed, up to this point, has used about all their “tactics” to keep the market happy and

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