Zettabytes and beyond

Think you know a lot? Try wrapping your head around the information that was recently released in a study from USC. Here’s a few of the results followed by a fascinating video you have to watch more than once to fully comprehend the numbers. Crazy thing is that technology has exponentially increased in the last three years and aren’t included in this study.  And with “the cloud” becoming more and more accessible and everyone using smart phones now I can only imagine what some of these numbers would look like today.

  • 2002 could be considered the beginning of the digital age, the first year worldwide digital storage capacity overtook total analog capacity. As of 2007, almost 94 percent of our memory is in digital form.
  • On two-way communications technology, such as cell phones, humankind shared 65 exabytes of information through telecommunications in 2007, the equivalent of every person in the world communicating the contents of six newspapers every day.
  • From 1986 to 2007, the period of time examined in the study, worldwide computing capacity grew 58 percent a year, ten times faster than the United States’ GDP.

Source USC