Wahoo! Is it a bear flag or a what? Seems that everybody is focused on chart patterns lately and as a result the patterns aren’t working as they traditionally do. I’d attribute that to fear and other emotions as the market is skittish about so much uncertainty on so many topics. I’m focused more on the 1120 area for support, but that’s just me. Option expiration mixed with several economic reports starting on Wednesday should give plenty of fuel to us speculators.

Obviously a solemn and sobering anniversary of the September 11th attacks this weekend. I remember I was driving to work when I first heard about the attacks on the radio. Later I was standing in a wide hallway in the office building with others watching the events unfold on several TVs that hung overhead. I felt numb for days. Hard to believe it has been 10 years. Most of the links below are geared towards the attacks from a psychological standpoint.

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