A rather mild week for a quad witching option expiration where $SPY goes ex-dividend. For those that don’t believe in the effectiveness of technical analysis please take a look at the monthly chart of the SPX. The fact that we closed higher all five days of option expiration week presents some interesting returns for the next week. Bulls would like the consolidation on this week’s strength but there are many catalysts next week with the FOMC being the biggest so anything but consolidation is more likely.

The S&P 500 is sitting at widely known resistance underneath a downward sloping 50 SMA so it’s easy to see the bearish outlook. However, the calls for pullbacks this past week were incessant yet the market moved higher. Perhaps the move is in anticipation of the FOMC and that everyone knows Greece is baked in (or is it?). Perhaps not. It’s my belief that the weekly close above the monthly pivot puts the ball in the bull’s court next week. They lose 1140 and bears come out of hibernation. Enjoy your weekend and the links!

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