Hard to believe, but the S&P 500 had a down week…of -0.55. Seems like it was more, but perhaps that was all the volatility on Friday. Here’s some of the things I found interesting while reading this week. Have a great weekend!

  • Body Mass Index and risk of dementia (PDF): Elsevier
  • Evidenced-based policy mistakes: Project Syndicate
  • What thousands of successful people have in common: Independent
  • The scoreboard is an imposter: Ultra Running Magazine
  • AI, cognitive realities and quantum futures: Diginomica
  • The X-57 “Maxwell,” an all-electric experimental aircraft: Smithsonian
  • The US Military is testing mood altering, AI-controlled brain implants in humans: Futurism
  • What’s the skinny on artificial sweeteners like aspartame? SLC Weekly
  • How the loss of U.S. psychiatric hospitals led to a mental health crisis: NPR