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Hot Stocks

Is there such a thing as a hot stock? I’m sure that there is but the term “hot” is so subjective that what’s hot for me might not be hot for you. As an example, $FEED is one stock that has really been climbing lately and to a lot of “quick” traders who don’t mind

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Butterfly Option Spread

What is a butterfly option spread? This trade requires three separate positions (four total contracts), and is therefore a bit more complex than the collar. It can be made using either put options or call options. For simplicity, we will use calls in this example. To execute this trade, the investor will need to buy

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Iron Condor

What is an Iron Condor? Iron Condor Spread Defined: Combine a Bearish Vertical Credit Spread and a Bullish Vertical Credit Spread on the same underlying security. By doing this, an investor will potentially be able to double the credit obtained over a single spread position. Since there are two spreads involved in the strategy (four

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