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How’d You Do?

We are half way through 2011 as another quarter has just ended and smart traders are reviewing their prior trades (metrics) and journal entries between back yard barbeques this weekend. This review can only occur if trade metrics are kept and journal entries made so if you don’t keep a journal or track your trade

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As we approach that time of year where we adjust our clocks I take the opportunity to tie several other “to do’s” to this event. I change the batteries in the smoke alarms in my house. I change the water filter in my fridge. And, most importantly, I take inventory of what’s influencing me. Not

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The TESTED Method

Some have said that trading is 90% mental and 10% technical and that successful traders learn to remove emotions (or at least control them) from their trading decisions. The TESTED method is a process to help remove emotions from your trading and allow yourself to be proactive in your trading. An example follows that shows

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