Changes are afoot in ’13

It’s that time of year when people begin to reflect on the year that has passed while promising themselves (and others) that next year will be different. My advice would be to focus less on specifics and more on general aspirations. Oftentimes failure is found at the end of a precise path lined with rigid goals.

Life doesn’t always go as expected so be flexible and thrive. It’s possible to constrict one’s vision by being too focused on goals. The result, oftentimes, is missed opportunities that may have been better than the intended goal being chased. In other words, don’t lose the forest for the trees.

Whatever you decide to focus on in 2013 I wish you the best. For me, the new year holds opportunities for growth in several aspects of my life. One such area of growth is my breadth of knowledge. To achieve that growth I will read more, conduct publishable research and finish my book. I’ve truly enjoyed the relationships that have evolved from readers of this blog reaching out along with followers on twitter and stocktwits. I thank each of you.

Happy Holidays!