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Where’s The Line?

Today we saw the market react to a plan that the government will help unfreeze the lending process in America and elsewhere. Basically, the government would open shop as a “bad bank” that takes over all the toxic assets of banks. Such action would allow the banks to go on about their normal business, which

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Obama In, Bush Out

So much for the Obama bounce! It appears as if it was a buy on the rumor; sell on the news with President Obama’s inauguration. Statistics have shown that the inauguration is a loser for the major markets most of the time. Add to that the fact that earnings season is off to a rough

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XLF Largest 1 Day Gain

The financial sector has an ETF that tracks the sector ($XLF) and it had a whopping 15.7% gain today. In fact, today’s gains in the ETF are the largest ever for the 10 year existence of the XLF. Three of the largest holdings are Bank of America ($BAC), JP Morgan ($JPM) and Wells Fargo ($WFC).

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