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October’s historic volatility proves itself yet again

Earnings continue to come in better than expected, but the market refuses to move higher so it may be safe to assume, at this point, that the proverbial bar was set too low again. October has a history of being one of the most volatile months throughout market history and this year that belief held

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Pre-Fed Jitters

On the eve of the FOMC statement the market is usually ambivalent as there is concern that the Fed won’t do what the market wants. With only 100 basis points to “play with” the market is pricing in at least a 50 basis point cut and some would argue 75! That would take the rate

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Post election sell-off?

The current debate going on is whether today’s rally was due to the presidential election or the belief in a year-end rally. I’ll add to the debate by throwing out the possibility that we are in a bear market rally and that as soon as the numbers are tallied tonight, the market will sell-off. Now,

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