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Bad News Already Priced In?

Despite a few nice gainers this past week, the major indices still turned in a losing week. The Dow lost -2.2%, the Nasdaq lost -1.7%, and the S&P 500 lost -2.3%. Most of this weekly loss can be attributed to Monday’s loss. What’s most surprising is that as the week wore on, and the bad

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Down With The Economy!

The party is over for McCain and the bulls as Obama won and the markets sold off today. As mentioned in last night’s newsletter, it isn’t too surprising to see the sell-off today after a nice six day climb higher. Some may argue the relief of knowing who the next president is going to be

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How bad can the data get!

We’ve seen quite a bit of bad news from the economy and from corporate earnings lately as the past quarter was horrible. With the major indices as down as much as they are and bad news continuing to come out, it becomes hard to know how much bad news is priced into the market. Take

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