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It’s what you do with what you have that counts

I’ve always been a market technician and have used levels of support/resistance from day one. I use charting to form my main thesis of what I see as the potential move in stocks. Funny thing about technical analysis is that there are literally hundreds of ways to interpret the data. I guess that’s what makes

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Was this the test?

OK, we had the test and the grades are in; the support levels passed. The good news is that there is a lot of bad news, both earnings forecasts and economic data, priced into the current levels. Today’s move off of the lows shows some resilience in the bulls and the technicians. The question will

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Eureka! We have support?

Well, remember that screaming toddler (the equities market)? Instead of giving them the bag of candy (full point cut) they were given a handful (1/2 point). The problem is, that they ate that handful and it didn’t last and now they want more. It is highly doubtful that another cut would come before the Fed

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