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Another Brick

I love using the hard work and knowledge of others rather than stretching my own resources so thin that I’m unable to focus on my core strategy of selling premium. I subscribe to several newsletters of those that I believe are tops in their areas of expertise, not for trade ideas but rather to gauge

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1st Day Seasonality

I use seasonality as a gauge to manage risk. If seasonal tendencies continue their course then the less likely technical levels are to be broken. When seasonal tendencies lose their way is when volatility increases and I step up my risk management as things are afoot. One of the most widely touted seasonal plays is

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Broader Market Update

As I tweeted early on Monday, the $SPY managed to stay within the overall 60-day trend. I’ve added a decent channel into that trend which shows the potential bear trap still intact that I mentioned earlier in the month. Seasonality has the first day of December as being positive and the month as a whole

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