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On Nonfarm Payrolls

It’s no secret that one of the most volatile economic reports out there is the BLS’ nonfarm payrolls report. Probably one of the most studied and gamed report but I don’t have the data to prove it. I thought I’d share how I use the report to manage risk. It’s good to know the history

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The “Event”

Wednesday is what I’m calling the “event” where the $SPY ripped higher and never looked back. Thursday brought about a nice follow-through day, albeit on lighter volume. I like to track volume and feel as though it holds merit in certain areas of my trading. However, if you are on the wrong side of a

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Please, take my job.

With the unemployment rate in the double digits, those still with jobs are the most unhappy they’ve been in over two decades.  If that doesn’t surprise you then maybe the fact that it’s unanimous in that there’s not one age group to blame for the drop, everyone is displeased. Is corporate America that broken? Probably. I

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