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House Of Pain

I’ve seen some folks quote that as high as 80% of options expire worthless. It’s nowhere near that level but when you are selling a program/system that focuses on selling option premium it sounds sexy to the buyer. After all, they’d have the odds stacked in their favor if they sold rather than buy options.

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Option Expiry

Options expiration…you either love it or hate it. Many see the week as one of market manipulation while others see it as an opportunity to make some serious coin. I love option expiration week because one cycle is ending and another beginning. I’m closing out the prior cycle and stalking my positions for the next

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Option Expiration Week

Ah, yes…option expiry. Let the frustration begin! I love hearing stories about how people’s positions are “screwed over” by the option traders trying to pin a strike. Do pins really happen? Sure. As Adam Warner points out in his book, a good rule of thumb is the higher the volatility, the less likely the stock

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