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Hedgies Living Large

You knew this would happen. It’s as if the hedgies truly can’t lose. Even with the diminished compensation they’ll still be able to live large. Read ’em and weep. [Click here for report]

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Capitulation Day Tomorrow?

The third trading day of the week brought the third day of losses to the major indices. From a technical standpoint it appears as though the markets will test the October lows. The 64K question is whether or not support will hold. If the support fails, we may get that capitulation day that everyone was

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Don’t pick your nose or bottoms!

The question on every trader’s mind right now is if we will test the lows from a few weeks ago. I’d be more worried about whether or not the indices will close below that low. In other words, in taking what the market gives, odds are that it will test the lows; especially when everyone

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