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Kerkorian Loads Up On DPTR

Kirk Kerkorian and his Tracinda Corp stepped up to the plate lately with a few purchases in Delta Petroleum ($DPTR). The stock is coming off of 5 year lows around $4 a share. Kerkorian bought 600,000 shares on the 12th and then another 500,000 on the 13th for a total of 1.1 million shares. The

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The Next Big Thing From Uncle Sam…

The biggest catalyst today was the announcement that the government, along with the mortgage industry, will be helping those hurting. The idea is that the “troubled loans” that some homeowners got into can be renegotiated to better, more stable terms. It is hoped that the investors who were flipping homes are out of the market

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Not The Best Post-Election Start

A second day of selling for the major indices and it looks like the markets are back and focused on the dismal data of late. I wish I could say that we could see a bit of stability return, but tomorrow we get the highly anticipated non-farm payrolls. The consensus is a loss of 200K

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