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Indecision 2009

The official first day of 2009 with full market participation shows indecision as a doji formed on ok volume. No real economic events occurred today and not much in the way of news other than president elect Obama’s economic stimulus package proposal. Perhaps lots of traders were snowed in at their cabins or a catalyst

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Market Treadmill

The bulls put in a hard day’s work and not much to show for it on the candles. That doesn’t mean we are headed lower, just means that we had minimal gains today as the markets chew on the ramifications of the Fed’s cut. We also have options expiration on Friday and that alone tends

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Mid-Week Indecision

Indecision is the word of the day as the broader market did have 1% gain, but most of that was from a gap up. For the day a nice doji formed telling us the market doesn’t know if it wants to go higher or come back down. There needs to be a catalyst to propel

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