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Rally ho!

Today’s price action, along with Friday’s, should give you an indication of just how beat down Wall Street is. On Friday we had the news of President-elect Obama’s choice for Sec. of Treasury, Timothy Geithner, and the markets rallied late in the day to close up about 5%. Over the weekend, Citgroup is saved by

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Pivotal Week Ahead

Another week, another loss for the major indices. The Dow finished the week down -5.3%, the Nasdaq lost another -8.7% and the S&P 500 sank another -8.4%. The big loser for the week was the Russell 2000 which fell nearly 10% bringing the yearly losses to -46.9%. We really don’t talk that much about the

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Market Minute

Add another tick to the losing side of things as the major indices couldn’t hold onto any gains this past week. There just isn’t enough conviction on the bull’s part to hold positions any longer than a day, especially not over a weekend. If that sentiment doesn’t change quickly, we will be making lower lows

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