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Oh The Power Of A Bailout

Are we seriously pinning our hopes on another financial bailout; seriously? Last time I checked it wasn’t up to one person to pass legislation but I’ll check on that and get back with you. Based on that hope though, the major indices rallied off of the lows. Now, those lows were in place because of

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XLF Largest 1 Day Gain

The financial sector has an ETF that tracks the sector ($XLF) and it had a whopping 15.7% gain today. In fact, today’s gains in the ETF are the largest ever for the 10 year existence of the XLF. Three of the largest holdings are Bank of America ($BAC), JP Morgan ($JPM) and Wells Fargo ($WFC).

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Bank Of America Cleaning House

Bank of America ($BAC) came out and gave an earnings report (SURPRISE!) and it wasn’t pretty. However, they have held up relatively speaking to its peers and they are offering more stock to keep their liquidity levels up. They also settled some legal woes from their Countrywide acquisition in which the deal would cover nearly

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