Working Memory Research

I’ve been conducting research in the area of working memory and want to further that research to find out if there is a relationship between trading success and working memory. I’m seeking 10-20 participants to help me conduct this research. Here’s what’s required of the participants: [list type=square_list]

  • Be honest and consistent in your participation
  • Take an online assessment of working memory before and after the research (30-min)
  • Commit to 4 weeks of research (20-min per weekday)
  • Share your trading results during the research (size of trades do not matter)
  • Fill out an exit questionnaire

Here’s what the participants will receive for helping me with the research:

  • A standardized assessment of working memory ($80 value)
  • 4 weeks of access to brain training ($50 value)
  • A final copy of the research report
  • A potential increase in your working memory
  • A warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’re helping someone else

While the research will help to clarify, my hunch is that trading (especially active trading) will improve through training working memory. If you have any interest in helping with the research, please contact me. You will be anonymous to all but me. I anticipate a start date of 2/4/13.

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  1. Ford

    I am a 42 year old college student (trying to overcome a career ending injury) who has learned markets on my own aside from school. I have the benefit of an exceptional memory, which used to be photographic in earlier years, not as good now. I am truly interested in regaining the full capacity if possible. However, I will find out Feb 4 which day my spine surgery is scheduled. My thought is that its going to be in March, which would allow me to participate, but I cannot guarantee this. If I sound compatible for this study I would love to help by participating for you, and have no problem meeting the requirements. I have also taken PSY 100 and have a basic knowledge of the components of memory. Good luck in your study and your trading.
    Thank you,

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