It’s what you do with what you have that counts

I’ve always been a market technician and have used levels of support/resistance from day one. I use charting to form my main thesis of what I see as the potential move in stocks. Funny thing about technical analysis is that there are literally hundreds of ways to interpret the data. I guess that’s what makes a market as well since multiple time frames are used to trade with and create the daily, weekly, monthly flow.

Back in my days as a therapist I would strive to help individuals overcome their obstacles by working from a psychology of use. At times, I’d see 3-4 clients in a day that were all suffering from the same mental illness. Oftentimes, the same or very similar dialogue would occur with each client but their progress would vary significantly. I referred to it as a failure to process. In other words, some folks would come just to come and talk while others came to “get fixed.”

The same thing can be said about the markets. Some people come to just trade, most lose some and win some but mainly stay stagnant. Others will come to the market each day looking to “get fixed” and profit from their progress towards mastery. Much like the dialogue in my office, the price action and market flow is similar for each participant. The key is, as the video below suggests, “There’s no inherent meaning in information, it’s what we do with that information that matters.” Trade well!