Standing Desk

Over the weekend I made the switch from my turret to a standing desk. I decided to make the switch after reading about the perils of a sedentary work life. I’ll be turning 45 this summer and my metabolism isn’t nearly what it used to be so something had to change. I’ve been better about exercising and eating healthy (even smaller proportions) but I was still lethargic late in the afternoon.

I challenged myself to build a standing desk from Ikea and do it for under $300 after reading what others have been able to do. I used the following pieces to complete my standing desk in one afternoon: [list type=square_list]


I’m 6 ft tall so the shelving unit, casters, brackets and table top allow my arms to be at the perfect height. My monitors are on top of the half-round top which sits on top of the table top supported by the capita legs. The monitors are right at eye level so it’s nice. After using the desk for a few days I realize that I will not be able to stand for 8 hours at a time, at least at the beginning, so I have a bar stool as well. The monitors are closer to my face than before so that will take some getting used to as well. I may look to downsize to one large screen monitor in the near future.

Whether or not you decide to build a standing desk yourself, It would behoove you to at least stand and stretch every hour. Sitting is killing us!