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I’ve had several requests to share what my trading space looks like. I’ve always believed that if there is a dedicated space to trade that your performance will benefit from it. Maybe I’m wrong, but organization at all levels leads to being able to execute a well defined plan when the time arises. I have three screens (Samsung SyncMaster 204B) that I’ve had for 3+ years and I love them. My monitors sit on an Ergotron mount as I like a clean look and if you click on the thumbnails below you can see my outlay from left to right as they sit on my desk.


When I’m entering a position or managing one I pull up this screen on my middle monitor. Here’s a shot of my turret with the TV off (as it usually is unless a game is on). I’ve had the desk for nearly six years now and it’s showing the wear (notice how the desk is curved to fit my large gut, lol).

My computer is in a cabinet behind me and the wires are in a trench that runs from the cabinet to under my desk. I don’t have a custom built PC but rather an off-the-shelf HP with a quad core processor. It get’s the job done as I don’t require a ton of processing power for the type of trading I do. I did install an extra video card so I can power up to five monitors but I don’t have the need for that much real estate.

My commute use to be 45 minutes each way and now it’s less than a minute (unless I head to the kitchen for a beverage first). I’ve worked hard to have a home office and continue to put forth the effort to keep it that way. I enjoy being able to take a break and attend one of my kids events at school or mow my lawn on a Wednesday morning or trade in my shorts and a t-shirt. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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