Top 10 Reasons Desert Shore Capital Will Succeed

Todd Stottlemyre and Joe Donohue are at the head of Desert Shore Capital and here are the top 10 reasons the fund will be a success:

10. Todd throws right-handed, Lenny Dykstra throws left-handed.

9. Despite the rumors, not everything in Jersey stinks.

8. With¬† research named “linky dinks” how can they fail?

7. To the best of my knowledge, Todd doesn’t eat twizzlers.

6. They met on stocktwits and everyone knows only good things happen there (thanks Phil).

5.¬† As a long/short fund they’re half way there…or as Joe would say, “Spartans, prepare for victory!”

4. Joe’s done it successfully once, why not a second time?

3. Todd had one of the diamonds in his world series ring replaced with magic eight ball.

2. They have Howard’s blessing.

1. Who wouldn’t want this guy managing their money?

In all seriousness though I’ve enjoyed following both @toddstottlemyre and @upsidetrader on stocktwits and find it amazing that they are only two of a very generous group of traders willing to share their knowledge of the markets everyday. I wish them the best in the fund as I’m sure karma will find them.