The StockTwits Edge Giveaway

I have a few copies of the excellent book by members of the StockTwits community and wanted to give one to a deserving reader. This book is a great read (I read it from cover to cover very quickly) and hard to put down. One of the most interesting aspects about the book is the various back stories of the authors. No two are alike and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know better the people I see in my stream everyday.

Here’s the deal. In the comments section below please tell me why you deserve a copy of the book. I’m not going to say much more about what I’m looking for so surprise me. I’ll look to pick my favorite comment at the end of the week. Thanks in advance to those of you who will participate.


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  1. TraderMD

    Would love to read the 1st volume/edition. Hopefully will have something of value to contribute to a future version if there is one 🙂

  2. John Brown

    Why do I deserve one? Simple, I enjoy learning and want to learn more, on how to be a better trade and StockTwits  has helped me towards reaching this goal. The thirst I have for learning, and the desire to be better, this book would go towards quenching this thirst i have.

  3. Mario D'Agostino

    I have been trading for over 2 freakin years with very mixed results. Happened upon stock twits and it appears to me that there are many good steady-headed traders that help a lot of other newbie and experienced traders alike. I would very much like to read what these stock twitters have to say.

  4. Mario D'Agostino

    Why do I deserve a copy? If I get back to trading full time I want to read these stories of the traders I started following for any ideas and help so that i dont blow out my nut again! And just because I finally deserve something for all my effort over the years.

  5. stinkystank

    I deserve a copy of this book for one simple reason… Should you not “reward” me with a copy I will punch you in the face and steal your jacket.

  6. Rick Eckart

    We’re all trying to learn and improve our game. Just by looking at the list of outstanding traders Stocktwits has assembled, this book seems like the perfect tool for traders of all levels. Of particular interest are traders who trade in styles or in markets we’re unfamiliar with or would otherwise never trade. While we may never attempt what they’re doing, it’s their approach to problem solving that could rub off on us all.

    1. Attitrade

      Thoughtful comment, Rick. Since I’ve actually shaken your hand, that put you over the top. Use the contact form to send me your address and I’ll ship the book this weekend.

  7. Eric V

    I’m a horrible trader and I’m looking to learn from some proven leaders.  I’m sure this book would teach me something.

  8. Capcube

    Because I would like to see why my many pearls of wisdom are not in there ! LOL

  9. BlackBetty

    I deserve a copy of the book because my puppy was once run over by a trading book, and while this won’t bring the little guy back, it will make my 12 poor, orphaned children happy to know there is some sort of justice in the world. 

  10. Ray Manning

    Stocktwits? What’s that?

  11. webbs420

    I was “downsized” last year and have been trading my own
    accounts since that time to support my family with increasing success. I am disciplined
    and constantly on the search for more good information, one thing I know for
    certain after this last year is that there is a load of crap out there designed
    to separate one from their money. Bottom line I trust your judgment and would
    put the information in the book to good use should you choose me, if not me
    then the book is bound to help someone

  12. Richardholl

    I think the Stock Twits team has some very wise and experienced traders that are active in the current market everyday. There short stories will provide a lot of wisdom and nuggets. I really enjoyed the first chapter that was available for free.

  13. komara33

    Aspiring to be a full time trader.  I’ve been working in the financial industry for 12 years now since graduating from college.  My goal is to build up enough capital while working full time and trading part time.  I spend my spare time during the day sifting through the StockTwits site to get an update on whats moving in the market.  I’m constantly reading trading books and have built up a nice library with the exception of StockTwits Edge.  Feel free to send your extra copy to a good home!

  14. ZT

    I deserve a Stocktwits edge book because I moved away from everything i love to chase the dream of starting my own hedge fund and sourcing the capital to do it. Only problem is now the only real network i have ideas i the ST stream and my friends from like sites. Not to mention, being in zurich, the cost to ship the book here is more than the price on AMZN. I spend all of my time trying to absorb as much information as humanly possible and this book would be a great addition to my training/mental models. 

  15. Komuraiah Poodari

    I am a student of fundamental analysis; I feel technical analysis and trading knowledge are complementary. I would like to get conversant.

  16. Bvlaar10

    I deserve a stocktwits edge book because stocktwits is my most visited site on my pc. Most clicked app on my iPhone and most useful tool. Also I need a good read on my flight to NYC to your the stocktwits office and go for lunch with the team.

  17. Jting3305

    I want one

  18. Leor Zolman

    I have been an active trader for about five years, sort of fell into the business out of desperation and discovering I was actually GOOD at it. Then I subscribed to Brian Shannon’s videos and found out I’d been a lot more lucky than good; I’d have to work at this day in and day out for a decade to get anywhere near the Brian Shannon or Joe Fahmy level of “good”. But I keep learning and I keep reading. The attraction of this StockTwits book is that although I’ve been following several great StockTwits tweeters (Brian, Joe, Altucher, etc.) somehow I have trouble understanding how all the pieces of the community really fit together (Twitter, Stocktwits, individual sites, blogs, etc.) and I’m hoping the book ties it all together for me nicely, as well as provides some good trading wisdom to grow with.

  19. lazerbeam

    Looking forward to reading this book.  Expect it to be a modern version of Market Wizards but with actual trade set ups.  I am also looking forward to reading more about some the great trader I follow on StockTwits.  Plus I am a long suffering Cubs fan who would love to win something.  No shame in that 😉

  20. JasongGuevara

    I need some good inspiration books for those down days, I am willing to pay for shipping…

  21. thaitony

    I’m always open to learning different methodologies from some of the best on twitter. I firmly believe it’ll help with my trading. And finally, I attended your workshop at the traders expo a few weeks back, which I enjoyed tremendously. I can meet you up locally. -@thaitony

  22. stinkystank

    Your face and your JACKET!

  23. Gareth Green

    I heard I won a free copy, DM me @gareth_green and I’ll toss you the mailing address…. cheers;)

  24. Todd Krieger

    I think Howard is a genius and I put him into the Cisco : Together We Are The Human Network digital campaign to further expand his gospel to the masses and try to get people to understand his message. 

  25. Steve MacLean

    I’m done with my MBA now, so I have some free time.  I have recently given Howard several +K points on Klout.  In addition, I own $AIB, $BAC, and $ESLR, so you should feel bad for me.

  26. graubart

    I’m completely undeserving of a free copy.
    Just this week I cursed at a boy scout and pushed an old lady out of the way to catch my subway.

    OK, I really didn’t do those things but there are many people here more deserving than I of a free copy. But I am going to go over to Amazon and order one. I figure that I’ve gotten so many cool ideas from StockTwits for FREE, dropping $40 is the least I can do in return. Hell, that’s about 10 cents for every time I’ve laughed aloud from one of Josh Brown’s tweets.

    Keep up the great work twits!!!

    1. graubart

      PS – what I’d really like is a copy of the old WallStrip Edge book, signed by both Howard and Lindsay.

  27. Klynn55

    the book is terrible, 40 actionable setups my butt , maybe three or four if that, no detail, just handholding!

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