Taking A Break

I’ve been due a vacation for some time now so I’ll be spending the next week and a half island hopping with my wife. It’s good to take breaks from the market, which provides a fresh perspective upon returning. I’ll always have a foot in the market, but as a premium seller it’s easier to walk away for a period and not worry. My hope is that upon returning I’ll have more of a desire to write, both here on the blog and my book.

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  1. JeffreyLin

    which islands will u be hoping? very “easter island”-esque post. have fun … thanks for all the hard work everyday.

    1. Attitrade

      Going on a search for Obama’s birth certificate. Trump is paying for the trip…

  2. Elricadon

    enjoy your trip buddy 🙂

  3. TraderMD

    Enjoy the time off 🙂

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