Not the best of weeks for the broader market as the $SPX gave up the 200 SMA and had 4 out of 5 down days. If you have any requests for future posts or areas to focus on for research please let me know through the comments or contact page. Have a great weekend!

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18 Ways to Manage Stress

Is there Such a Thing as Positive Addiction?

Children as young as six can tell when you’re faking a smile

The Science of Aging Brains

Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger

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  1. DrVinnyBoombatz

    cool stuff as always Atty – now that i am stress free and creative from reading all this good stuff the explosion of endorphines is giving me hallucinations of batwings chart formations everywhere i look on my stock charts, they are flying around me pool and trying to get in my windows at dawn.

    But they do help predict the next market move which is up from here.

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