Powerful move for the bulls this past week as the broader market closed above a significant level of resistance. We faked a break-down out of this August to October range so the question is whether or not this is a fake break to the upside. Coming off the 52-week low the S&P has rallied 10% over the last two weeks. Interestingly, there have been zero days in this rally that were down more than-1%.

With statistics like that it’s no wonder that so many are calling for a pullback. Even bulls would like to avoid the “too much, too fast” thinking that typically accompanies such rallies. Perhaps option expiration will bring with it some shenanigans to aid in a pullback and work off some overbought indicators.

This is the 52nd weekly posting of ShrinkyLinks so that makes it official, no? I enjoy getting feedback and entering conversations regarding the articles I find throughout the week and share here. I hope that you enjoy the links and your weekend!


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