The next time this much focus will be on Jackson Hole this year will be in November when anxious skiers are checking the snow depths. The Jackson Hole showdown between Philo Beddoe and Jack Wilson definitely packed more punch that Ben’s speech. I’m glad that he pushed it back to DC rather than do something stupid. Perhaps next week we can break out of the trading range, maybe all the jobs focused data will get us there. Have a good weekend and enjoy the links!

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  • Economic Inequality Is Linked To Biased Self-Perception [APS]
  • Rules are rules for a reason [Dynamic Hedge]
  • Ready to learn? Brain scans can tell you [MIT]
  • Mind over Mind? Decision Fatigue Saps Willpower [Time]
  • What do you really want? [Charles Kirk]
  • 4 Ways To Use Behavioral Finance To Pick Better Stocks [Seeking Alpha]
  • How Well Do We Remember Images? [Medical News Today]
  • Cannabis Genome Sequenced [Scientific Computing]
  • Too Much Salt, Too Little Exercise Bad for Brain [ABC News]
  • Self worth should not be tied to our P/L [Alphatrends]
  • Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery [New York Times]

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