Happy Holidays! Should be interesting to see how the year ends, especially since the 19th trading day of December (this Tuesday) is historically a very positive one. Volume will probably be pathetic but an upward move is an upward move and pays the same with 100MM shares volume or 10K shares volume. It was nice to have Friday off (I took Thursday off as well) but that doesn’t mean I’m not working (conducting research, crunching data, etc). Have a great weekend and enjoy the links!

  • You Can’t Multitask, So Stop Trying
  • The Cognitive-Visual Strategies of Top Athletes
  • Behavioral economist Dan Ariely on the many curious biases in how we reason about money
  • 2011 is almost here and everyone seems to set resolutions
  • Can a placebo work even though it’s known as a placebo?
  • Not what I’d suggest but here’s a list of the best books on investing
  • What makes one team of people smarter than another?
  • What Do Stock Picks and Mullet Haircuts Have in Common?
  • Traders have a nice collection of idioms that get thrown around