December is off to a very bullish start. So bullish that sustainability comes into question. There are no real economic reports or major earnings left for the month to act as a catalyst. Focus will be on the $USDX  and geopolitical issues that remain with China, North and South Korea and the European Union. I’m still standing by my call a few weeks ago for some higher highs (after a test of the 50 SMA which has happened since that post). Have a good weekend and enjoy the links!

  • Decent post with somewhat basic suggestions for managing anger. It’s not good to trade on tilt.
  • Narcissists are in the process of becoming an endangered species!?!
  • A long but fascinating look at the mathematics of terrorism.
  • People are more than just risk-averse, they are also loss-averse.
  • Good article discussing seasonal affective disorder. It’s no joke and impacts many, mainly by encouraging substance abuse.
  • The longer you remain optimistic the longer you manage to shed feelings of self-doubt.