My Hero

Memorial day is a special day for me as I reflect back on my hero, my dad. My father enlisted in the army shortly after graduating high school in 1959. He was proud of this great nation we live in and served honorably in a time of peace. Whenever I post the stars and stripes outside my house I know he is looking down on me and watching. He left this world way too early but will always be remembered, especially on memorial day.

Clay E. Miller October 28, 1941 – April 19, 2007

My dad chose to become a lineman while in the army, a skill he would later turn into his own successful business. He was an entrepreneur and thankfully passed that characteristic on to me. My dad started numerous businesses, most were successful, but none as successful as his electrical contractor business. I grew up working for my dad either wiring houses or building huge distribution power lines than ran for miles across the plains of Montana and Wyoming. He taught me what it meant to labor and earn my keep and I will always be grateful for that.

At 65 my father was on his way out to pasture when he died and that is sad. He is doing something more important today and I’m sure he’s proud of what I’ve become. He was always there to teach me one of life’s lessons whether it was how to wrestle, hang a bank of transformers or be a better husband. I’ll have the chance to meet with him again one day, this I know, and we will discuss the mysteries of life and laugh together once again.

It’s difficult at times not having a father. Some days I wish I could call him up and ask him a question or get his opinion, but that’s no longer an option. One of the best lessons he taught me was to slow down, relax, and focus. A solution to whatever was troubling me would become clearer and I’d soon be able to make progress. I love him for that lesson and believe it has contributed to my success in the markets.

I’m grateful for his service and the patriotism he instilled in me through his example. I’m proud to be an American and proud to be his son.