But Does It Come In A Hybrid?

Using new commercially available sensors to measure brain waves — sensors for recording electroencephalograms (EEG) — scientists were able to distinguish the bio electrical wave patterns for control commands such as “left,” “right,” “accelerate” or “brake” in a test subject.

They then succeeded in developing an interface to connect the sensors to their otherwise purely computer-controlled vehicle so that it can be “controlled” via thoughts. “In our test runs, a driver equipped with EEG sensors was able to control the car with no problem — there was only a slight delay between the envisaged commands and the response of the car,” the researchers said.

This research is cool but I believe Google has it beat. In my $GOOG Mobile I can lay down in the back seat, take a nap, surf the web or whatever and let the car get me from point A to point B. If hooked up to a brain wave reading vehicle the driver can’t shave, apply mascara, mess around on their iPad or eat oatmeal during their commute. Seriously though, cool technology. Rough around the edges, but cool nonetheless.