2010 Will Be what it will be

I remember when I first started trading and how much I thought I knew and how much the market humbled me each time.  I remember doing everything right on a trade and losing and doing everything wrong on a trade and winning. In retrospect, it took me nearly half a decade to realize what I was good at in the markets and then capitalize on it. Finding what you are good at is a journey, enjoy it and grow from the experience.

As we enter 2010 I look forward to seeing what the new year brings both for me, a premium seller, and the market. I rarely day trade or even swing trade so it gives me lots of downtime and I use it to read. At the beginning of each year I like to read a few of my favorite books to keep myself sharp and remind me of things I may have forgotten. This past year I added two new books to my list and you can see both of them here.

My only prediction for 2010 is that the market will still exist and I will continue to be a small spec in it. I look forward to learning new things in the New Year, meeting new people, and cultivating the relationships I have made over the years.  I wouldn’t trade the decisions I’ve made this past year for anything and I look forward to 2010 as a challenge and an opportunity for growth. I’m working on getting my fund going and getting back into teaching at the university level. If you have any questions or just want to chat, my door is always open.