Interesting week as we had some strong (and long overdue) selling that was eventually met with some buying all in the name of a flat week.  My thesis is that the $SPX ends the year above 1250 but that a test of the 50 SMA will happen before January 2011 arrives. Crazy? Maybe but here’s some levels that I’m watching. I’m off all next week on a venture up North for some turkey, football and family. Enjoy the break and the links!

  • Interesting experiment on precognition but can’t help wonder how much the porn helped.
  • Fascinating research analyzing the 2008 collapse and the economy’s systemic properties and how they’ve changed.
  • Are Stoners Really Dumb, or Do They Just Think They Are?
  • Patience, persistence and presence of mind are what you need on the trading floor.
  • Women more determined to meet financial goals in 2011 despite financial challenges.
  • What behavioral finance can teach investors: How bias, overconfidence and emotions affect decisions.